Corbelled House Virtual Tours

Rietpoort corbelled house

The Karoo corbelled buildings are relevant to the cultural identity of South Africa as they are the first architectural style of European settlers in Southern Africa that still stand today. This beautiful example has had a number of modifications made in the 1980’s including the brick fireplaces, chimneys, connecting wall and entrances. In its original state, there were two simple domes structures that were not connected.

Carnarvon corbelled house

The corbelled house which currently stands outside the Carnarvon museum is an interesting example as it was removed from its original location on Biesiesput farm when it became derelict. The building was dismantled (each stone was numbered) and rebuilt in Carnarvon in 1987. The work was carried out with the help of the farm owner, Roy Riley, under the auspices of the Rapportryers. Inside the corbelled house are a number of artefacts which would have been used by the original trekboers.

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